Can you grow thicker eyelashes?

If you have very light or thin eyelashes, there is a treatment available that has been shown to improve eyelash length, thickness and colour

What is the treatment?
Latisse is a prescription medication that you apply to your lash line daily. Over time it may help your lashes grow thicker, longer and darker.

How long does it take?
Most clients see a change in their eyelashes after 6 to 8 weeks. Maximum effect are often achieved around 16 weeks.

How do I start?
Latisse is a prescription medication. We will make sure it's right for you and provide you with the prescription and product at your appointment.

Are there side effects?
Around 4% of users report mild symptoms that may include itchy eyes, redness, dry skin on the eyelid, or darkening of skin around the eyes. If you experience side effects stop using the product and contact us for a follow-up exam.

Can anyone use Latisse?
You must be over 18 to be prescribed Latisse. You must not use Latisse if you are pregnant or nursing.


We will take a brief medical history and make sure your eyes are healthy.

If you are on any prescription bring a list of the medications you use and we will review that at your appointment.

Post Treatment

There is no follow-up for Latisse.

Be aware of any changes to your eye comfort when you begin using Latisse.
If you experience any side effects call us for a consult.

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